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Running My Races

Running My Races

On the road (or trail) to better times...
and more enjoyment!

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Race Websites and Online Registration

Special Offer for event website design and/or online credit card processing for online race registration.

As a runner (16 marathons as of 2009), I enjoy promoting running and fitness. As a full time web designer, Iím familiar with construction of effective sites and the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques necessary to help visitors find you when searching for events.

Attract More Participants
Get more participants when runners in and out of the area can find your event when surfing the internet. A website can be the least expensive form of marketing and advertising. All other marketing efforts can direct people to your own domain (www.MyRace.com) for further details.

The Right Online Package for your Needs!
Download and review descriptions of the following options and let me know what looks best for your situation. For example:

  • a running club or charity which runs the race may already provide part of their website, but you need online registration
  • you may contract a race/event coordinator to provide timing services and registration, but not a website with your own domain name (ie. MyRace.com or MyFundraiser.org)
  • the event may be closely associated with an organization, but youíd prefer to have a distinct website for any number of reasons (separate marketing, handled by a different person/group, event may change sponsorship/fundraising recipient from year to year, etc).

Option 1. Complete Package (unique domain, hosting / email, online registration)

Option 2. Basic Event Website Package (unique domain, hosting / email)

Option 3. Limited Package (hosting, online registration)

Option 4. Online Registration only

Email or call me (M-F 8am-5pm Eastern Time) to determine which of these makes the most sense and Iíll provide further assistance to help you get online quickly.
Best of luck with your event!
Ray Christensen, Webmaster

Download Website Package Details


Improve your existing site with this eBook:

A Better Race Website  

A Better Race Website

How to improve your running eventís internet marketing NOW to generate more participants, volunteers & sponsors

by 3-time Boston Marathoner Ray Christensen
(webmaster of RunningMyRaces.com)

Your guide to building an effective site at minimal cost, even if you have little or no technical knowledge. Essential tips that will bring more visitors to your site and convert them to paying customers.

    Only $10.00




Online race registration

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